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India needs to capitalize on its demographic dividend as a majority of its soaring population reaches working age. More than 500 Million people need to be trained in the next 10 years to ensure that India’s youth are capable of standing out in the global marketplace and meeting the competitive standards necessary to get their desired jobs. Leading companies have already begun highlighting the shortfall in candidate quality and now face an unprecedented paradox of a high quantity-low quality applicant pool. The urgent need is for exceptional trainers, who form an integral part of the institutional delivery mechanism, to step up to this challenge.

But where are the trainers sorely required to enhance the employability of India’s workforce? And how can future participants be assured these trainers are capable of delivering at a high level? Enhancing the knowledge and skills of trainers is imperative and the country has not had a designated certification and program to meet this precise requirement until now.

The India Futures introduces its pioneering India Futures: License To Train program designed to equip aspirational and existing trainers with international standards of training delivery, a recognized, one-time license, globally validated curriculum and the opportunity to generate their own self-sustaining revenue flows for life! India Futures: An innovative course which will enable forward-thinking individuals and companies with the skills necessary to obtain and retain employment as world-class Employability Training Providers.

Dates: December 10th to 17th 2016 (Mumbai)

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Ms. Jasmeet Shivdikar / Mr. Amit Jha
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As an India Futures participant, you will receive:

  • Globally validated, modularized curriculum with complete delivery kits (including visual aids) which can be retained and customized as per future need
  • A License for life as a certified Employability Trainer
  • An intensive 8 day course on employability training delivered by Dale Carnegie Master Trainers
  • The opportunity to create your own self-sustaining revenue flow as an employability training provider

India Futures: License to Train

Duration of the program
  • 4 days  exposure on employability
  • 3 days trainer competency development
  • 1 days delivery validation

Investment Per License (Program Fee)
INR 1,10,000 (Exclusive of Service Tax)
*The India Futures assists you in procuring loans for fee payment through the Education Finance Assistance from Avanse Financial Services. Click here for more details.

Cost of Curriculum Kits (not included in the above fee):

Curriculum Kits Slabs (Participants need to subscribe to at least 100 kits and in multiples of 100 thereafter) Investment per kit (INR)
Up to 500 Kits 150
501 - 1000 130
1001 - 2000 110
2001 & above 90

*Please contact us for curriculum customization queries. Translation of content into regional languages is also available for an added fee.

  • Early Bird Discount : 10% discount
  • Bulk Enrolments of 5 and Above : 15% discount

Note: Discount offers cannot be combined

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